Kilpatrick Solutions, a Business Unit of Kilpatrick Group, is born

By Stefania Bertoglio – Kilpatrick Solutions Managing Director 


Kilpatrick Group has strategically established its HR Solutions Business Unit.

To answer the needs of our international Clients, we have now down-streamed our HR services into the newly-born Kilpatrick Solutions, specialized in supporting companies in the areas of:

  • Board Advisory
  • Pre-employment Screening
  • Competences Assessment
  • Survival Assessment
  • Executive Coaching
  • Ad Interim HR management


Board Advisory

We have specific market knowledge, the contacts and the experience to bring our Clients extraordinary candidates, to carry out distinguishable Board reviews and to share the best practices from other successful boards to implement the right succession plans to ensure sustainable growth.

KP Solutions Board Advisory service can support in making sure Boards are always ready to fill the vacancies with talented directors who meet the values of that specific organization and that fulfil its strategic needs.


Pre-employment Screening

In a digital world, where anybody can claim and post what they want, where long lists of qualifications catch our eye from CVs, data verification becomes a must, in order to avoid potential big trouble in organizations.

KP Solutions helps its Clients to make informed decisions on candidates, based on  their true story and intellectual honesty, through a pre-employment screening service (fully aligned with local Privacy laws) which aims  at verifying the information provided by the candidate, proving them true at the  source.


Competence Assessment

Kilpatrick Solutions can support to best evaluate those soft skills necessary to make sure they fit in with that particular organization or team and their values, right where the integration process sometimes fails.

We can evaluate technical and digital competences as well as behavioral trends and emotional intelligence. The process is quick and effective, can be deployed in 40 languages and integrated with a feed-back from a certified assessor. On top of that, KP Solutions assessors can help outline ad hoc development plans with practical, measurable actions, to guarantee a right onboarding but also internal career progression.


Survival Assessment

How long now have we been trying to define the meaning of “talent’?

One thing is certain, organizations still struggle to attract and retain the best!

KP Solutions has set up the first, ground-breaking knock-out assessment which allows genuine talents to stand out and showcase their capabilities and personality.


Executive Coaching

If there is a professional partnership which can help people produce extraordinary results in their lives, careers, businesses or organizations, that is coaching.

KP Solutions coaches are all internationally accredited, who prepare managers on new responsibilities, sustain professionals in strategic positions or when confronted with specific challenges.

Each and every KP Solutions coaching contract sets precise achievement goals, which will be measured at the end of the program.


Ad Interim HR management

An experienced ‘ad interim manager’ can manage an organization through a period of change or transformation, provide stability to a business following the sudden departure of a senior leader, or provide a highly specialized skill set which a business may not have internally.

Main benefits will be:  immediate availability of the manager, ability to operate with very little guidance and habit to deliver results.

KP Solutions Interim Managers can also introduce new methodologies and tools which will contribute to the upgrading of your business and stay with you at the end of the process.

More informations available at Kilpatrick Solutions website.