Switzerland: the most expensive European country

Switzerland: the most expensive European country

On average groceries and foodstuffs are 72% costlier than in the rest of EU-member states



BERN – A statistical study published by Eurostat has brought to light that Switzerland is the most expensive European country in the category of groceries and foodstuffs, with the only exception of Norway where prices are very much the same. The study has also pinpointed wide gaps from country to country.

Based on the 2015 figures and purchasing power information, the study reports that compared to the average price range applying to EU-member states, prices are 72% higher in Switzerland, 60% higher in Norway and 45% higher in Denmark. Norway outdistances Switzerland only against the price of beverages, spirits and cigarettes.

When we consider foodstuffs alone, Switzerland ranks first against all the products addressed by the study: the price of meat, for instance, is 2,5 times higher than the average price in place in the other EU countries.

The gap narrows when we compare prices in the neighbouring countries: food in Switzerland is 3% more expensive than in Germany and 9% costlier than in Italy and France.

The most inexpensive foodstuffs are found in Central and Eastern Europe and in the Balkans. As a matter of fact, the average prices in Poland, Romania, Albania and Bulgaria are 60 – 70% lower than the European average.

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