Kilpatrick and The Leeds Beckett University set a long-term partnership to promote Responsible Leadership at an international level.

by Daniela De Marco Cazzani – Kilpatrick 

Responsible Leaders can build and lead sustainable companies while paying special attention to internal and external stakeholders. Not only do Responsible Leaders steer their actions to meet the organization’s long-term interests, they also pay close attention to how much their decisions impact on the socio-economic scenario.


Kilpatrick Executive Search and Leeds Beckett University representatives agreed a partnership to promote Responsible Leadership through business, at an international level. Sharing ethical affinities, the two parties agreed to start a joint set of actions with the purpose of maximizing awareness of the Responsible Leadership behaviour through Companies and University as well.


While Leeds Becket University connects with the CEOs of international Companies through its DBA program, it also nurtures talented leaders who will be shortly covering roles in these very Companies. On the other side, Kilpatrick provides outstanding talented leadership to its clients and leads its profession through innovative services, while creating value for its client through a responsible leadership approach.

Both players hence abide by shared ethical principles and promote a Responsible Leadership model through their business.


The output of this joint activity is a set of actions to be implemented in the upcoming months:

  • an international Survey on Responsible Leadership targeting CEOs, the goal of which resides in the creation of a new figure, namely the Chief Value Officer (CVO)


  • Development of a case study about Kilpatrick, to be released in the Academic Leadership Journal, addressing international CEOs


  • Involvement of Kilpatrick executives in post-graduate teaching


  • Creation of a Kilpatrick Award for experienced and successful students


Thus, while development opportunities will be enhanced by maximising the strengths of both parties via the communication channels of each player, the final purpose consists in raising extensive awareness about the Responsible Leadership model and the future of the CVO profile in Companies.


From now on, all the outputs generated by these joint activities will be fully documented in Kilpatrick communication touchpoints.