Focus On

Comprehensive up-to-date articles and business insights, aggregated from sources all over the world by our very own team of consultants.

Local news are not just about the weather and the road conditions. Those are helpful things to know, but they are not the real heart of what local news is all about…. They provide the color of the areas you want to explore or interested to work in; things you might not notice otherwise, but which may be important for your daily personal or professional life.

For Kilpatrick, being in 15 different countries, that means collecting news from the “local” stations for example in Bangladesh or Dubai, both of which provide informations you care about local businesses, politics, people, rules and regulations or just the latest developments in your industry, etc.

Local Kilpatrick consultants are able to pick up on local color and read into situations in a way that non local recruiters can’t necessarily match.

The purpose of local is to see, know, care about and inform you on your global challenge!