Expense Management

Discretionary business expense management used to mean two things: spreadsheets and paper receipts

Tedious and prone to error, this manual expense reporting method is quickly being replaced by a more effective, paperless solution.

Employee Expense Management saves your company time and money by automating expense reporting from the convenience of your computer.

It can also help you control and reduce discretionary employee spending, while giving you the visibility and communication tools necessary to fully understand and manage company policies and spending behavior.

How can we help you control entertainment and travel expense management?

Employees can submit their expense reports and get reimbursed from anywhere even trough web access.
• Airline, car, and hotel itineraries;
• Personal and corporate credit card transactions;
• Checking accounts;
• Scanned receipts.

Expense Reviews and Approvals

Managers can review expense reports without any paperwork and approve requests with a single click. Some expenses can even be pre-approved based on the rules you define in the system, and violations of your expense policy are clearly highlighted for easy adjustment or removal.