Employee Screening Services

You’ve found the perfect job candidate. They have an impeccable resume and the interview went well. But before you move forward and bring them into your company, you may want more information

To help maximize your confidence in making hiring decisions, Kilpatrick Solutions provides employee screening services such as background checks or even drug testing that may meet the needs of your business.

Background Checks

Misleading or incomplete documentation about employee backgrounds, qualifications, or experience can result in more than substandard job performance.

They cost employers billions of dollars every year due to fraud, theft, litigation, and turnover. Kilpatrick Employee Screening Services gives you the background research you’ll need to make more confident hiring decisions. Unfortunately, very few companies do an adequate job of background and reference checking.
This process being a very extensive exercise can be highly time consuming, plus many companies do not want to conduct this exercise directly as it entails dealing with many government and administrative agencies. Outsourcing gives the company the opportunity to focus on their core operations rather than spending management time on non-operational issues.

Consider some of the costs associated with making bad hiring decisions:
• Recruiting
• Orientation and training
• Staff turnover
• Lost productivity
• Drug or alcohol abuse
• Theft or business loss
• Incompetence
• Unfavourable publicity
• Negligent hiring claims
• Legal & administrative expense

The areas that we would cover in the process are:

Identity Check
Verification of Educational Qualifications

From ( International ) Institutes, Universities and International Degree Verification

Reference Checks

From the names given by the employee

Verification of Antecedent Employers

From previous employers (along with salary details if required)

We objectively gather information to validate your impressions gained during the interview process, distinguish work/behavioral patterns, and corroborate or refute information from other sources.

Most employers, search firm associates and human resource personnel have already made a decision to hire a candidate before checking references. Reference and background checks are used as a confirming formality. Our interviewers have never met your company’s job applicants and therefore we offer a non-biased assessment.

With the total process lasting 25 to 30 working days and no limit on the number of cases per month, our pre-employment screening services are a convenient addition to your recruitment process.