Board consulting

Today’s business world demands more from your board than ever before:
They need to be uniquely skilled and possibly specialists within your industry.

An absolute need for a global perspective, diverse, a sophisticated strategic acumen. Integer and independent. Transparent and accountable. Adaptability and willingness to share experiences. Team workers…
The best boards actively strive to meet their evolving responsibilities with active support of outside advisors – who are not only professional experts, but also real sparring partners and obtained the board’s absolute trust and confidence.

Kilpatrick Board Consulting practice works closely with some of the most respected and highest performing boards in the industry – both listed and non and we maintain close ties to outstanding leaders.

As board’s trusted advisors, Kilpatrick connects you to the most advanced industry insights into board effectiveness, supports you with creative solutions and strategies – sharing with you some of our deepest knowledge of best practices, and bring you ready global access to top directors in the industry.
Furthermore our consultants link your board to the expertise and market reach of all our industry experts in the world – and this is not just a promise, it is a core value.

The power of our trusted network places the industry insights and resources of our entire firm – within reach of every consultant in our company, making our solutions even more tangible and responsive, creating a real and lasting business impact for our clients.

Director Search

Director search became more challenging in last years, for several reasons. The more demanding expectations on boards have elevated both the professional standards and their personal commitment and at the same time, many boards find that the supply of independent-minded “board experienced” directors with relevant industry experience and specific skills – is quite limited

Such candidates are both widely sought after and many times hesitant to take on the growing responsibilities of board members today. So to make sure your board is up to day with today’s challenges you must creatively tap into new, more diverse talent pools – many times out of your comfort zone. We really try to seek deep understanding of all that your board hopes to accomplish and attract the very best talent to your board; where possible making your board more diverse, inclusive, and insightful releasing the true potential as a team – delivering full strategic value to you and your shareholders.

Our close understanding of current your board enables us to bring you a renewed, fresh approach with possibilities that may not directly fit your current model, and invite you to consider candidates who are a little more “disruptive” but become great sparring partners at your table and bring out the best in all your board members.
Kilpatrick has a steady growing database – which supports our consultant network in the industry, enabling us to quickly identify exceptional candidates for every appointment in a discrete dialogue, getting reliable insights into each candidate and suitability serving your board .

We like to be challenged especially when the requirements are geographically based, skill based, or specific for the industry as we have that specific market knowledge, the contacts and the experience to bring you extraordinary candidates.

Board Review

Today the best boards conduct regular board reviews, preferably facilitated by an objective, experienced third party without any other interests that the outcome.
Our thoroughly customized board review distinguishes because of the high touch approach. We like to sit down with your board members engage in one-one conversations to understand the board relationships, their interactions, and behaviours toward the goal of helping your board perform at the highest levels.

Paying particular attention to collaboration, inclusiveness, interpersonal trust, and mutual respect – were able to provide constructive, ongoing feedback on:

• Behaviour and relationships
• Structure, composition, and diversity
• Processes and the flow of information
• The quality of discussion and decision making
• The ability to deal with topics such as CEO and board succession, company strategy, culture, risk, and stakeholder relationships.

We identify common themes and similar issues; we’re sharing the best practices from other boards that have proven effective in those circumstances for your consideration.

Board Succession and Chair Search

Kilpatrick has helped many boards in the industry, across different geographies, trying to be truly proactive in serving our clients; the companies, their shareholders, and other key stakeholders. We work as your partner to make sure your board is continuously ready to fill the vacancies with talented directors who meet the values you require, fulfil your strategic needs for diversity, and who also prove an excellent fit to your board.

Kilpatrick helps you to:

• Define and align succession criteria with your company’s key needs
• Build a pipeline of qualified director candidates with a diverse range of profiles to meet your needs in your industry
• Adapts director requirements as company needs and strategy change

A change at the head of your board demands highly specialized skills, seasoned experiences, great judgement and discretion. Our most senior staff will collaborate closely with you to identify and attract potential chair candidates whose leadership, integrity, personal and business characteristics closely match the nature and culture of your company and the evolving demands on your board.